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Doug Johnson's Tech Proof

Who Is They?
Theres no simple resolution to the conflicting priorities between techs and educators, but I know this about making better policy decisions: the best rules and guidelines are those developed collaboratively.

Living in the Cloud
Cloud computing relies on applications and file storage that reside only on the Internet, with little on the local computer's hard drive except a Web browser.

Not All Who Twitter Are Twits
The concept behind Twitter is simple. You post short statements -- tweets -- about your current activities. Other Twitterers sign up to “follow” your tweets.

Seven Brilliant Things Teachers Do With Technology
Here are seven technology practices that just make me marvel and feel proud to be a part of the profession. Which do you do?

Seven Stupid Mistakes Teachers Make With Technology
I see stupid acts and beliefs related to technology in schools way too oftenthese would be my nominees for the most stupid things a teacher can do related to technology...

Tech Proof: A Conditional Love Affair
You have to love the contradictions built into the English language -- how one word can have two meanings that are nearly opposite*. "Proof" is one of those words. Used in one way, "proof" is the case made for something being valid. Used another way, "proof" can mean keeping something unwanted from getting in (for example, mosquito-proof tent). As a school district director of technology and libraries, I appreciate both meanings of "proof."

Netbooks and Computing in the Clouds
At $350 per machine, Id bet dollars to doughnuts that even in these tough economic times, quite a number of students will be getting a netbook as a gift this holiday season.

The Importance of an Aggregator
It is only slowly that I am using GoogleReader to stay current on information sources -- to have the news find me instead of me having to find the news.

Five for Fun
Lots of image generators are available on the Web. Most are free and easy to use -- so easy even a technology director can manage them. Here are five of my favorites.

And, Not Or
This school year, when asked if something should be x or y, try answering, "Yes -- x and y." Find an and solution that everyone can live with.

Fair Use of Fair Use
Copyright instruction and enforcement needs to change from describing narrow limits to emphasizing how educators and students can fully -- and legally -- use copyrighted materials.

Engage or Entertain?
I am not convinced that todays kids need constant entertainment any more or less than any of us do. But they are more insistent on learning that is engaging. We need to make engagement the focus of our instructional strategy improvements.

Concerns About Creativity
I have some concerns about creativity as the term is commonly used in schools, and teaching, and technology. I know I have a lot more to learn about enhancing and supporting creativity in education. Are any teacher-training resources being diverted from raising test scores to thinking outside the box?

Keeping Kids Internet Safe
Maintaining the concept of intellectual freedom, providing a healthy and educational online environment, and teaching students to be self-regulating Internet users should be the goals of all educators.

E-Books On Hand
Ive been looking forward to the next iteration of the book -- when well-designed silicon replaces cellulose as the means for publishing -- for quite a long time.

Filter Follies
What educators should know about using Internet filters.

Game On!
Does your district support or ban the use of games in classrooms and libraries?

The One-Afternoon SecondLife Tour
Doug Johnson takes educators on a tour a 3-D virtual environment.

Do You Need a Second Life?
Doug Johnson is on the MUVE!

Is Educational Climate Change Ahead?
Will affordable 1:1 computing dramatically alter the education climate?

It's Delightful; It's
It's delightful; it's; its the poster child for Web 2.0.

Reading the Future
A short list of all time favorites in the social sci-fi category:

Free is Good
A beginners dozen of high quality software now available at no cost.

Technology and Design
Teaching students to compose graphically as well as verbally.

The 4th R
Will information literacy replace the three Rs?

Disappointed Again
Where's the computing/communications hardware gizmo designed for kids?

One Big Room
Teaching children how to protect themselves in the big, bad (online) world.

My New (School) Year's Resolutions
Five resolutions to improve this year.

Social Networking
Seven things all adults should know about Social Networking.

The Well-Wired Classroom
Is your district making plans to smarten up your classrooms?

The Librarian: Your Technology Partner
Eight reasons you should look to your library media specialist when taking your next big technology leap.

Are 21st Century Skills Right Brain Skills?
Are we teaching students what they'll need to know for the future job market?

The Teacher's Technology Manifesto
When will you embrace teaching with technology?

A Proposal for Banning Pencils
When will we learn to use kids' devices for their benefit rather outlaw them?

Is PowerPoint Evil?
The good, the bad, and the ugly truth about presentation software.

Working With the Net Generation
Defining the Net Gen educator.