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Fun Image Generators

While much of the appeal of digital photography is in being able to edit images, Photoshop is a program I have just not gotten around to learning in any depth. But that doesn't mean I can't have fun with images -- thanks to some easy-to-use online tools.

Lots of these image generators are available on the Web. Most are free and easy to use -- so easy even a technology director can manage them. Here are some of my favorites -- just for fun.


Image created with Motivator..

The motivational posters that have become common in many offices and classrooms are a snap to make using Motivator. Upload your image, make a few design choices, and write your title and caption. Click the Create button and download the finished product. Voila!


Image created with Image Chef..

Create banners, buttons, signs, license plates, bling and a host of other graphics using the pre-built images in ImageChef. Choose an image, add the words, and click Preview. That's it. To save a creation, click Post to Blog or MySpace, choose the size image, and drag it to your desktop. Easy cheesy.




Image created with Cameroid..

If you have a webcam, Cameroid uses it to modify the user's image. Choose from a variety of special effects, filters, frames, and scenes; align your picture; and click the camera. One click saves it to your desktop.




The Fodey Generator

This tool, like ImageChef, allows you to add your text to pre-created images. One nice feature is that it creates html scripts for pasting into web pages for animations. Spice up your website!

If you'd like to discover more of these kinds of tools, peruse the archives of The Generator Blog.

Creative teachers will find many ways to put these graphics tools to use in student projects and in their own communication efforts.

But perhaps it's enough that they are just plain fun!