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The Best Sites for Learning Economics and Practical Money Skills


Note: In order to qualify for most of Larrys lists, a site has to be


  • accessible to English Language Learners and non-tech savvy users.
  • free-of-charge.
  • appropriate for classroom use.
  • completely browser-based with no download required.


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There are a large number of financial literacy sites out there, but I have to say, I was surprised at how many of them I just didn't think were very good.

Here, however, are my top six picks for the best sites for learning practical money skills:

Number six actually is comprised of a number of links to economic games, and most are related to running a small business. You can operate a lemonade stand here or a coffee shop here. Here's another Lemonade Stand game.

Hands On Banking from Wells Fargo is number five. Most of it provides audio support for the text, and there are different levels of learning modules ranging from fourth grade to adults. I would have ranked it much higher if it was a little more interactive.

Financial Fitness For Life has a lot of similarities to "Hands On Banking," and has a little more interactivity. I've ranked it at number four.

Banking on Our Future is number three on my list. You have to register for it, but it's free, quick and easy. It's a very complete, and accessible, financial literacy site.

Brain Pop Economics Movies is number two, and is the only site on the list that you have to pay to access. Brain Pop also has made a few of my other lists. I think it's worth the money, and you can sign up for a free trial.

And now, for my number-one rated site for learning economics and practical money skills--it's The Everyday Life Project, which has also made other "best" lists. It's free, though you have to register for it (it's very easy to do). It has excellent interactive exercises on many money-related issues.

There is one additional site that I consider excellent. However, I think the English required to use it is just a little too high-level for many Intermediate English Language Learners. That site is What's Up In Finance?.

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Updated 04/08/2013