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Teachers Are Paying for Vacations by Selling Resources on Educator Marketplaces

Teachers Are Paying for Vacations By Selling Resources On Educator Marketplaces

While not every teachers’ success stories using sites like Teachers Pay Teachers are as grand as the 12 teachers estimated by CNBC to be millionaires from using the site, many are certainly able to make a decent profit.

EdSurge recently spoke to a teacher who is a pro at doubling as a “teacherpreneur,” or a teacher who is able to make a profit off selling his or her resources to fellow peers in need of some good materials.

EdSurge interviewed California math teacher Chuck Snyder, who says he pays for his vacations thanks to his savviness selling resources.

Snyder excels at selling resources because has found his niche.

" I make things for other math teachers,specifically for precalculus teachers. I don’t make many materials for calculus; my niche is fun worksheets for higher level math,” he told EdSurge.

But not only does making and selling worksheets help Snyder earn extra money. It also helps him enjoy the profession more, he says.

"Making these activities gives me something real but slightly tangential to a lot of the emotional challenges that go along with teaching, especially in an urban school,” he said.

For other teachers looking to follow in Snyder’s footsteps, he has some advice he learned along the way:

Find your niche—where other people aren’t creating—and fill it. Then you’ve got to promote it through social networking and through the community on the marketplace itself. Teachers Pay Teachers has a super connected and devoted community.

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Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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