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TeachersPayTeachers Proves to Be Huge Salary Boost for Many Educators

TeachersPayTeachers Proves to be Huge Salary Boost for Many Teachers

TeachersPayTeachers is the first and largest virtual marketplace that allows for teachers to sell, buy and share educational resources that have been proven to work in the classroom.

The site has become such a success since its launch in 2006 for a variety of reasons.

For one, many teachers have so much on their plate that there isn't enough time for developing thoughtful and engaging learning resources, too. With TeachersPayTeachers, $5 will get teachers a learning resource that has proven to work in the classroom; such resources help alleviate some of the stress that comes with the profession in a big way.

Additionally, TpT offers a little something for everyone. Thanks to the size of the site and the massive amount of contributors, content is available for nearly every subject and grade level.

"Materials on the site feature extensive lessons in math, science and English, and include various subject categories including seasons, holidays, arts & music, foreign language and social studies. Lesson plans are tailored to grades from pre-Kindergarten through high school, and also include homeschool and adult education lesson plans," said

And for educators who primarily act as sellers, the ability to make extra money is great.

"According to the site, approximately 12 teacher sellers have become millionaires, while nearly 300 teachers have earned more than $100,000. Total earnings paid to teachers since the site's launch have been more than $175 million," said CNBC.

While some argue against selling educational resources for money, TpT estimates that one in three teachers have downloaded content from the site at some point.

With 3.5 million global members contributing to and purchasing over 1.7 million available resources, it seems that TeachersPayTeachers is here to say as an important tool for the classroom.

Users with access: take our poll below to let us know if you use TeachersPayTeachers for learning materials for your classroom. 

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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