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Research Indicates Standing Desks Might Help Improve Memory, Reasoning Skills

Research Indicates Standing Desks Might Help Improve Memory, Reasoning Skills

Further research indicates that standing desks might be more than just trendy- they might have significant benefits on both students’ physical and mental health, says a new study published in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

According to, the study tested 27 high school freshman over a one year period to see how standing desks affected their cognitive processes such as reasoning and working memory.

"The researchers, led by Ranjana Mehta of the Texas A&M School of Public Health, got the idea for the study after seeing observational data that hinted at improved attention and focus of kids using standing desks in schools. Some schools are starting to use the trendy tables to allow students to move and ignite calorie burning during class—which could ultimately help combat the nationwide obesity epidemic,” the article said.

The study, then, is one of the first of its kind and has returned significantly positive results.

"Comparing the students’ test results from the beginning with those at end, the researchers found general improvement in cognitive functions. The imaging also showed increased activity in students’ left prefrontal cortex, which is generally involved in working memory and executive functioning.”

Though the study was a pilot and therefore the results can only be viewed as preliminary, the researchers hope that others will further look into studying standing desks and their relationship on students’ brain functions.

"The authors also recommend that future studies look at students’ grades and standardized test scores to see if improved cognitive function translates to real-world success,” the article said.

The authors speculate that further research on the subject will lead to many others finding that standing desks are beneficial not only to students physically, but also mentally to help improve their academic performance overall.

Schools that have already implemented standing desks have, so far, had nothing but good things to stay. Though students were initially unsure about having to stand during class periods, CBS News reported earlier last year that students are better able to concentrate and avoid unwanted stiffness.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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