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Could Standing Desks End Up in Classrooms Nationwide?

When students are seated they are a more relaxed, sometimes too relaxed. One California school has adopted standing desks as a way to promote focus, productivity and to prevent stiffness as well. While it may seem more of a punishment to some, students are actually taking a liking to their new desks.

“Companies across the country are ditching traditional workspaces and ‘raising’ employees' desks with standing desks,” according to CBS News

“They're so popular the White House wants $700,000 to buy them for presidential staff.”

The desks have now found a place in the class at the Vallecito Elementary School in San Rafael, California. It might be difficult to think about elementary students being the first have standing desks in the classroom but the results that the implementation has yielded are pretty impressive, especially some of the feedback that came from the students.

"It gets your legs working so you're not like, 'oh I can't move' cause you get stiff," said student Kaia Whitehouse, according to the report.

"It burns off a lot of my energy so I can concentrate without wiggling in the chairs," said student Meadow McPherson.

The report claims that students were tired of standing when the new desks were introduced but over time warmed up to them and even began performing better academically.

“Studies show allowing kids to move during the day can improve grades - up to 15 percent - and help kids burn up to 25 percent more calories,” according to the CBS News findings.

“Dr. Steven Mittelman, the director of the Diabetes & Obesity Program at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, says there isn't data on the long-term effects of kids using standing desks, but the physical benefits are immediate.”

Not only do these desks improve focus but they can also have positive health benefits as well, which really brings the best of both worlds when it comes to young minds. The standing desks do come with a very high price tag. CBS News reports that it can cost up to $6,000 to convert one classroom. 

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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