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Educators Believe Schools Need to Do More Data Collecting to Address Students’ Social, Emotional Needs

Majority of Educators Believe Schools Need to Do More Data Collecting to Address Social and Emotional Needs

A survey commissioned by Kickboard and and research firm YouGov asked 2,500 educators and administration officials about their thoughts on climate and culture initiative’s in schools- and found that many believe there should be more emphasis on the social and emotional needs of students.

An overwhelming majority of the individuals surveyed said that behavioral needs of students significantly impact learning. According to, "74 percent of surveyed educators said that addressing the needs of students whose academic challenges are rooted in social and emotional issues should be a top priority for their school, although only 56 percent said it currently is.”

Part of the problem, the survey found, is that many schools are not tracking student behavioral data and therefore don’t have the information to make meaningful change.

The educators surveyed are in agreement that in order for schools to begin appropriately addressing the behavioral needs of students, they need to do more to track and interpret behavioral data.

"57 percent of teachers and 67 percent of administrators said the main challenge to implementing a school- or district-wide climate and culture initiative is inconsistency on the types of behaviors that are tracked, monitored and rewarded,” said THEJournal.

The folks behind the survey hope the findings will inspire districts and schools to consider making addressing students’ behavioral needs a priority.

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Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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