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New System Helps Schools Keep Students With Behavioral Needs On Track

New System Helps Schools Keep Students With Behavioral Needs On-Track

A new system from Kickboard called Response to Intervention (RTI) will help schools digitally manage individual behavior intervention plans for students.

"The latest enhancement to the Kickboard school-wide behavior management system, the behavior RTI System gives educators the tools and data to stay a step ahead of escalating issues, while intervening at the right place and time,” said Kickboard in a statement.

Kickboard says RTI is designed to help schools best monitor students receiving helping as an alternative to “paper based or disjointed systems” that can often cause behavior plans to fall apart.

"This seamless integration saves time and allows teachers to easily monitor student progress, based on quantitative data, in every class throughout the school day. Further, because it is updated in real-time, educators can immediately act upon the data.”

RTI is intended to help educators determine what’s working and what’s not through easily managed data.

"In addition, teachers can access an array of clear, easy-to-understand visuals, including graphs that not only show a student’s progress toward his or her intervention plan goals but the likelihood of meeting those goals based on the student’s current progress.”

The RTI System is an update to Kickboard’s Early Warning Indicator System which launched last year. The Indicator System was created to help schools best keep students on-track. The upgrade helps educators keep students on-track despite behavioral issues.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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