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Happy Thanksgiving: 10 Lesson Plans from Education World

Happy Thanksgiving: 10 Lesson Plans from Education World

Thanksgiving is this Thursday, and Education World has you covered when it comes to finding lesson plans, activities, and other resources to use in the classroom during this short week. 

Here is a list of some of the many resources Education World has to offer. 

  1. Happy Thanksgiving: Lesson Plans and Activities: This article offers teachers over 20 lesson plans, websites, and books to use in their classrooms this holiday. Students can learn about the First Thanksgiving, projects to learn about pilgrims, resources on Native Americans, and more. 
  2. Being Thankful: Writing Prompt Ideas for Thanksgiving: Teachers can bring five different writing ideas for their students this Thanksgiving, including making a list of what he or she are thankful for, or watch 'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving' and writing a thank you card to the person he or she are thankful for. 
  3. The First Thanksgiving: A Feast of Activities: This round up of activities involves taking a short true or false quiz, research scavenger hunt, letter writing, mathematics, cooking, and art. 
  4. Six Thanksgiving Worksheets, Printables, and Prompts: Here are six Thanksgiving worksheets, printables, and prompts teachers can use before Thanksgiving break. Students can write about what they are thankful for, color in a picture of a pilgrim, or write a short essay. 
  5. Lesson Plans: National Native American and Alaska Heritage Month: Since November is National Native American and Alaska Heritage Month, and Education World has eight lesson plans to use this week to teach about Thanksgiving. 
  6. 10 Books to Celebrate Thanksgiving: Education World offers ten books for students to read and learn about Thanksgiving. 
  7. Six Pilgrim Resources for the Classroom: Teachers can use these lesson plans and books to teach pilgrims in the classroom. 
  8. Are You Teaching the Real Story of the First Thanksgiving?: Teachers can educate their students on the true story of Thanksgiving by debunking stereotypes through web resources. 
  9. Six Native American Resources for Teachers: Education World offers teachers six lesson plans for Native American and Alaska Heritage Month. 
  10. Pilgrim Projects: Education World offers 16 activities for Thanksgiving, including writing a thank-you note, playing games, creating a menu, math lesson, and more. 

Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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