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Giveaways and Freebies Roundup: Teacher Appreciation Week

There is so much going on in May. This week, we’ve got giveaways, deals, and freebies that celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. There’s also the usual dose of useful classroom freebies.


Remember to be aware of entry and expiration dates. Feel free to share your freebie finds in the comments or let us know about them on Facebook or Twitter.  



Giveaways and Grants 


Power Up & Read Giveaway

Discovered by our friend Penniless Teacher, educators can pre-register for the The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge until June 30, 2015 in order to be entered in a drawing to win a 50 book classroom library. The challenge starts May 4! (Listed on


Teaching Channel Week of Giveaways 
If your Teaching Channel Profile is complete and you are a qualified educator, then you’re already entered to win a prize in Teaching Channel’s week of giveaways. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday include Target, Amazon and Starbucks gift cards respectively. 
(Listed on

$100 of Gift Cards for K-2 Teachers 
What do Starbucks, Target and Amazon all have in common? You can win gift cards to all three if you teach K-2. Enter on the blog Teaching in English & Spanish by May 2 for your chance to win. 
(Listed on




Teacher Appreciation Discounts Guide 2015
Looking for discounts on products, services, and other fun stuff? Check out Capitally Frugal’s guide to teacher appreciation discounts for May 4-8. (Listed on




Special Education Forms

Enjoy these Common Core aligned forms packet for all grade levels. Includes an “Easy to Use Learning Inventory,” a “Weekly Behavior Log” and more. (Free from the EdWorld Exchange.)


Discovery Education, Soil Science Nonprofit to Hold Virtual Field Trip 

The Nutrients for Life Foundation, an educational non-profit that educates students and the public about the vital role soil nutrients play in growing our world, and Discovery Education, will host a live virtual field trip for students nationwide on April 23 at 1 PM EST. (Found right here on!)


Syllabus: Classification of Animals Unit

This 3rd grade unit syllabus for Classification of Animals gives an overview of the lessons and materials used. Unit and lessons are designed to adhere to the Common Core guidelines. (Free from the EdWorld Exchange.)


Spider Life Cycle FREEBIE

Are you covering a unit on Charlotte's Web, or something else that could easily incorporate spiders? Here is a FREEBIE on the life cycle of the common house spider! (Free from the EdWorld Exchange.)


Solar System Vocabulary Worksheet

This free worksheet is perfect for younger science classes reviewing their solar system vocabulary. (Found right here on!)


Vocab-u-lous Activity: Words That Begin With J

Each vocab-u-lous activity sheet challenges your middle-grades and high-school students to use their dictionaries to help them figure out which of nine challenging word bank words fits in each of the ten sentences on the activity sheet. (Found right here on!)


Triangle Trivia 

Geometry teachers will love this triangle trivia review worksheet. (Found right here on!) 



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Last updated on 04/29/2015. 



Article by Jason Papallo, Education World Social Media Editor

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