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Discovery Education, Soil Science Nonprofit to Hold Virtual Field Trip

The Nutrients for Life Foundation, an educational non-profit that educates students and the public about the vital role soil nutrients play in growing our world, and Discovery Education, will host a live virtual field trip for students nationwide on April 23 at 1 PM EST.

The “Live From the Farm-Technology, Soil Science and More virtual field trip” promises to engage middle school students in STEM topics by traveling through a real-world look at the innovative technologies and scientific practices used during the harvest and planting seasons.

The field trip will be hosted live from Bomke's Farm in Springfield, Illinois as a part of the Nutrients for Life Foundation and Discovery Education's "From the Ground Up: The Science of Soil" multi-year education initiative. Designed to give middle school students a deeper understanding of the important role science and soil nutrients play in agriculture, this collaboration explores the connections between soil nutrients, plants, and crops. 

Brian Bomke, owner and operator of Bomke's Farm, will share how he utilizes critical thinking skills to make decisions during the spring planting season based on the fall harvest. Additionally, students will get an in-depth look at the various technologies used on the Bomke Farm, allowing them to make connections between STEM concepts they are learning in the classroom and real-world careers in today's agricultural industry.

"I am excited to integrate this virtual field trip into our classroom lessons as a way to highlight critical thinking skills and the real-world application of science and technology," said Patti Grammens, science teacher at Lakeside Middle School, Forsyth County Schools, Georgia. "An event like this will provide my students the unique opportunity to explore STEM concepts in the context of real-world careers and make connections from our classroom to everyday life."

"Today's farmers use extensive science and technology to grow healthy crops," said Nutrients for Life Foundation Executive Director Harriet Wegmeyer. "From soil testing to GPS navigation, modern farming is a science-driven profession that offers a rewarding career. We invite classrooms to the farm through this engaging virtual field trip to see science in use firsthand."

In a supplement to the field trip, "From the Ground Up: The Science of Soil" also offers middle school students, educators and families with a suite of comprehensive digital resources that provides a deeper understanding of the role soil science plays in everyday life and the importance of soil nutrients in agriculture.  These resources include dynamic interactive lesson plans, digital explorations, bilingual family activities and various agricultural career profiles.

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Read the full story and comment below. Let us know if you participate in this field trip with your students. We'd welcome the chance to write about your experience.

Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor


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