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First-Ever Live Streaming Tool Continues to Bring Music Education to Schools

First-Ever Live Streaming Tool Continues to Bring Music Education to Schools

For the first-time ever, music has been included in the definition of a well-rounded education thanks to the country’s new education legislation, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

One tool that is helping schools expand their music education offerings in support of the new law has announced this week a partnership with a Florida elementary school to bring supplemental, live-streaming music lessons to their classrooms.

Called Live Music Tutor, the tool is "an online platform that streams live music lessons between instructors and students around the world.”

In March of this year, Live Music Tutor announced its pilot program with the Osceola County school district where it provided supplementary lessons to the district’s 21 string programs. Despite having 21 string programs and a high-student interest, the Osceola County school district was limited by its employment of only four specialized string teachers. With the help of the live-streaming music education service, students were able to learn specific skills previously unavailable to them thanks to the virtual help of experienced teachers from all over the world. 

Now, Live Music Tutor (LMT) is helping 156 students from Miles Elementary School in Tampa, Florida.

According to Michelle Stone, Assistant Principal for Elementary Instruction, the elementary school does “not currently have the resources to support an entire music program.” With the help of what is being called the Miles/LMT program, students will meet twice a month and learn how to play the keyboard during 30-minute master classes.

"Using our technology to provide real-time, interactive lessons, Live Music Tutor hopes to enable Miles Elementary and other schools within the district to begin or enhance their music programs by assisting students that are currently without access to music lessons,” said LMT’s co-founder Ted Gee.

After the program ends in May 2017, the school administrators will use data to assess the effectiveness and impact of the master lessons on student achievement.

Read more about Live Music Tutor here.

Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor


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