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Educational Applications Help Virtual Reality Devices Grow

Educational Applications Help Virtual Reality Devices Grow

According to, new analysis from ABI Research indicates that virtual reality devices will grow 85 percent over the next five years thanks in part to education applications.

"The market research firm noted that as devices have proliferated, low-cost gear — such as Google Cardboard, of which there are currently some 5 million devices on the market as of January — and devices tied in with mobile phones — such as those announced by Samsung and LG — have started encroaching on what has traditionally been the domain of high-end systems designed for gamers,” the article said.

Part of the reason behind the success of virtual reality in the classroom, ABI says, is because of how easy smart phones make it to use.

“'Smartphones are the perfect platform for the VR market, because they already have the power and technological functionality necessary to create a fun, in-depth simulated environment,' said Eric Abbruzzese, research analyst at ABI, also in a prepared statement,” according to the article.

Schools across the country are currently in the middle of Google Expedition's pilot program. Schools and its educators are testing out Google Cardboard viewfinders that allow students to be immersed in 3D experiences.

Through the VR kit, students are able to take “field trips” to different parts of the world as it relates to what they’re learning in the classroom.

So far, Google Expeditions has debuted to positive reviews from the classrooms that have tried it out.

By 2020, ABI expects 50 million VR units to be in circulation.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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