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Google Expeditions Updates Its Offerings As Pilot Continues

Google Expeditions Updates Its Offerings As Pilot Continues

As Google Expeditions continues to pilot its virtual reality tour kits to schools across the country, it has updated its offerings to include some exciting new tour options.

Buckingham Palace and the Great Barrier Reef have now been added to the Google Expeditions Pioneer Program, said

" For the Buckingham Palace Expedition, Google released recently a YouTube 3D video that's accessible to the public...When viewing on a mobile phone, the user can change the point of view of the video fluidly in 360 degrees simply by moving the device around. Settings also allow for stereoscopic 3D for a more immersive experience,” said.

Google says that since launching its pilot program in September, over 500,000 students have participated in the reality tours made possible by innovative cardboard viewing kits, the article said.

In November, tech specialist Knives Chau took to her blog to describe her school’s experience participating in the program.

Chau watched on as Google team members helped students explore Athens, Spain, Brazil, Dubai and even Mars.

The virtual tours were met by students with amazement and excitement, and Chau said she and her school are looking forward to the official release of the Expeditions program.

Making its way around the United States, Canada and Sweden, Google is allowing for educators and schools to sign up to receive a visit, though Google’s site confesses spots are limited.

Educators and individuals can also sign up to test the Expeditions app for Android. 

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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