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"We have history to confront, many threads connecting the past and present; we have differences to reconcile, and a potential for unity worth striving for. Ferguson is our country, our legacy, and our challenge for the future – you know,... 08/26/2014 - 10:06am ago
A leading educational publisher is offering students a suite of programs developed to address their specific needs.
More and more teachers across the country are going through training programs to carry firearms in their classrooms.
A new poll by EducationNext finds that many people still have not decided where they stand when it comes to Common Core.
Standing desks are becoming popular in classrooms across the nation, used to curb childhood obesity and student alertness.
The debate over teacher tenure is unlikely to go away. California educator David B. Cohen takes the view that tenure is the right to due process rather than a "lifetime job guarantee."
"Take yourself seriously. Take your work seriously. Take the work you assign and the classroom you keep seriously. Your kids will in return take it seriously."
Michelle Rogers, who works for the Roanoke City school system, explains why special education teachers do not give up, even as a number of teachers with other specialties leave the profession.
HamletHub.com looks at an excerpt from the book, Socrates to Miss Crabtree: Teaching Through the Ages, and what it was like to be a teacher in 1872.
In order to enhance communication with parents and guardians, schools around the country are making their school websites mobile.
"It’s simply amazing, this institution called public education, and we forget that sometimes while we’re taking it for granted."
Schools across the nation are embracing a focus on the arts and creativity to further enhance their science, technology, engineering, and math curriculum.
Teachers give parents tips to survive the meeting that some dread and others eagerly anticipate.
Senkatel has developed and introduced the C1101 Chromebook for the K-12 education market.
After querying people about their thoughts on the Common Core standards, some marketing professionals think it's about time to change the name.
Schools in Utah have hopped on the national bandwagon to flip their classrooms in order to help their students succeed.
Teachers around the country consider how different a seventh grader is from a high school sophomore. Opinions vary as to what qualities are shared by younger and older adolescents.
School nurses reach 98% of the 50 million students in U.S. public schools and are uniquely positioned to facilitate the early diagnosis of serious medical conditions such as primary immunodeficiency.
Discovery Capsule was created by a physicist to help kids explore STEM topics through novel products.
A new app lets two people read the same book at once. Teachers may find the option of shared, yet separate, reading useful for students.