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According to a recent survey conducted by the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL), parents also admit to experiencing anxiety related to starting a new school year.
Fancy yourself a pr exec? Your talent for touting students' accomplishments and diplomatically dealing with concerned parents could turn you into one!
"Kaufman did not write a period piece; she wrote the most enduring account we have of teachers’ lives—not naïve, not exculpatory, but empathetic and aware."
According to a recent study, the less sleep teens get, the more pounds they pack on in their adult years.
Some states, like Illinois, have adopted Common Core standards statewide. Others, such as Alaska, have left the decision to use the standards to the individual districts.
The San Francisco 49ers and Chevron have joined together and started an initiative to allow underserved kids to get more STEM learning opportunities.
Sounds from the first day of school in Texas, Tennessee, New York, Washington and other locations are shared. Reporters from NPR affiliates found out what children are learning and what adults are worried about for the beginning of the... 09/02/2014 - 7:14pm ago
Much of today’s education reform efforts are misguided and heavily target teachers as the enemy. Americans have a tendency to blame educators for larger systemic failures.
More and more teachers are finding ways to take students on field trips without even leaving their schools.
According to a recent study, having regular meals together can help children cope with cyberbullying, and potentially put a stop to it.
Just how does one define the popular four-letter acronym? Blogger Anne Jolly encourages instructors to think hard about STEM.
According to a recent study, the more students spend time on electronic devices, the harder it may be for them to properly judge emotions and other nonverbal cues.
When it comes to CCSS, Susan Carle believes teachers should be the ones that lead teachers through lesson planning and directed professional development.
More and more schools are finding that along with analyzing standardized tests, looking at student surveys is also a good way to judge a teacher's performance.
Goldstein: "The United States must launch a principal-quality movement as robust as our teacher-quality movement has been."
Principals are more likely than ever to allow mobile devices in classrooms and teachers are glad to have access to educational resources online.
Syllable processing improvements seen in children who participated in a music education program.
The Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus graphing calculator remains the hottest graphing calculator on the market--ten years running.
The National Education Association released its latest ranking of states in 2014, looking at classroom size, enrollment, salary, and more. Find out where your state stands!
Use a popular toy from the '80s to engage your students and help them learn math concepts.