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Case for Standing Desks in the Classroom Grows as Further Research Links Sitting to Diabetes

Case for Standing Desks in Classroom Grows as Further Research Links Sitting to Diabetes

New research from the Netherlands published in the journal Diabetolgia suggests that "even an extra 40 minutes of couch potato behavior will dramatically increase your risk of getting type 2 diabetes,” says CNN.

In the study of 2,497 participants, "the majority sat for at least nine hours a day. An extra hour of sedentary time was associated with 22% increased odds for type 2 diabetes and 39% increased odds for metabolic syndrome, suggesting that 'sedentary behavior may play a significant role in the development and prevention of type 2 diabetes,’” the article said.

CNN suggested several ways for people to develop better habits in their daily lives. It may "be as simple as being aware of exactly how much you sit. Make it a goal to get up for a few minutes every hour. Some pedometers will now even send you reminder notes to get up if you get too engrossed in your work. If you do have to sit for your work, switch to a standing desk."

While the study included only adults, the research is important to consider in schools looking to make the change from sitting desks to standing ones.

After all, adult habits are typically developed or reinforced while they are young.

Standing desks have been a topic of conversation as a possible mandate for classrooms for quite some time and have so far found a place in some classrooms across the country.

Last year, CBS News findings indicated that allowing kids to get up and move during the day increased grades up to 15 percent, helping them burn 25 percent more calories.

Even though there is an estimated price tag of $6,000 for converting to standing desks in classroom, the original price might be worth it to instill healthy habits in America’s future adults.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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