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At Weatherly Heights Elementary School in Huntsville, Alabama, principal Teri Stokes leads a special assembly to celebrate students' accomplishments each semester. "We make every effort to ensure that every child has successes to celebrate," said Stokes. "Before the assembly, all our teachers talk with their students about their individual accomplishments during the first semester."

Principals in schools all over the map agree with Stokes. They celebrate their students' citizenship and creativity, academics and attendance. They celebrate daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly

Recently, we asked our "Principal Files" principals to share some ways in which they celebrate the accomplishments of students in their schools. The ideas they shared are sure to give all school leaders some food for thought -- and many practical ideas -- for new ways to recognize their own students' accomplishments. You can read the ideas our P-Files team members shared in the article, Celebrating Students: Schools Recognize Achievement in Many Ways.