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Celebrating Positive Behavior at Rennie's River Elementary

At Rennie's River Elementary School in St. John's, Newfoundland (Canada), teachers celebrate students' positive behaviors by nominating deserving students for the school's weekly PRO (People Respecting Others) Award. Each week two nominees' names are drawn for special recognition. In order to recognize all the nominated students whose names are not drawn, the school sends home to parents a special letter. Below is the text of the letter principal Cathy Finn-Pike uses to notify parents. She invites Education World readers to adapt the letter for their own use.

Dear ____________________________:

As you are probably aware, each Friday we distribute a P.R.O. (People Respecting Others) Award to an elementary and a primary student. Each week, teachers from our school nominate students they have observed behaving in a respectful and caring manner. The names of those students are placed in a box and one name is drawn each week from among the nominations in our Primary and Elementary divisions.

Although only one name from each division is drawn each week, we feel it is important to acknowledge all students whose names have been submitted. Consequently, we have decided to inform parents of each nominated child at the end of each month that their child has been nominated for this award.

Your child's name:

Was submitted on:


We congratulate your child for behaving in such a caring and respectful manner and congratulate you as the parent for helping to develop these behaviors in your child.

Cathy Finn-Pike, Principal
Rennie's River Elementary School
St. John's, Newfoundland

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