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Learning Beyond Covid-19: Accelerated Learning Strategies for Secondary ELA

Strategies to Help Students Catch Up and Thrive


Course Description:

After roughly 18 months of interrupted learning during the pandemic, teachers are returning to school buildings with a pervasive sense of pressure to help students catch up on disrupted instruction. How can this process be intentional, streamlined and effective in secondary English classrooms? The answer comes via a process known as “learning acceleration.” By exploring depth rather than pace, this course gives teachers actionable strategies for helping students access targeted grade-level content rather than engage in a vicious cycle of unfocused remediation.

Course Completion Time: 10 hours

Target Audience:

This course is recommended for Secondary ELA & Literacy teachers at all levels of experience. 

Course Purpose/Objectives:

The course explores and demonstrates practical ways to target learning acceleration strategies in secondary ELA and literacy. Objectives include:

● Exploring the definition of learning acceleration and the rationale behind the process

● Prioritizing techniques for building a trusting classroom community that encourages academic risk-taking

● Targeting needed skills and standards to prioritize how to best help students with the most salient areas of need

● Planning an approach to curriculum study, both from an individual and collaborative perspective

● Implementing instruction that authentically targets needed areas of growth

● Developing formative assessment measures to provide data-driven, measurable outcomes

● Using student voice tools to gather feedback on their learning progress

● Experimenting with strategies and tools that scaffold learning acceleration

● Examining a variety of resources to continue the professional learning experience

● Reflecting upon where to take the ideas shared in this course and translate them to classroom practice

Price: $99

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