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    High School AP Biology Pages


    An Ocean of Activities!
    Surf's up! This week, Education World offers ten lessons that offer students the opportunity to explore the largest bodies of water on Earth: oceans!

    Animals of the World: Internet Scavenger Hunt
    They'll learn about the natural habitats of ten of the world's animals -- including some animals they've never heard of!

    Godzilla Math! and Other Lizard Teaching Activities
    See the Zoology Classification Activity with Teaching Masters included.

    The Endangered Falcon: Back from the Brink
    Education World explores sites featuring this amazing raptor and provides you with activities that will help you and your students study the falcon's return from near extinction.

    Tracking Sea Turtles: Lessons in Saving an Endangered Species
    Endangered sea turtles are in need of our attention, and the Internet offers some great activities for learning about sea turtles -- and even tracking their movements!

    The Return of the Wolf!
    Few efforts to spur the recovery of endangered animals have evoked as much opposition as recent programs to reintroduce the wolf to the wild.

    Bats in the Classroom: Activities Across the Curriculum
    Teach about some of the misconceptions often held about these interesting creatures of nature.

    What's "Bugging" You?
    See the Related Internet Sites section for activities for all grades.

    The Human Body: An Online Tour
    Education World tours the Web to find the best "human body" sites. You won't believe what we discovered! Included: Sites for all ages. Activities too!

    Dive into Learning: Swim With the Seals!
    Put your students in touch with the real scientists at WhaleNet.

    A Guided Tour of the Visible Human
    This site, based on the digitized images of the Visible Human Project, tours the human body using animation and images "to demonstrate planes of section and other introductory concepts in anatomy."  EW review


    Endangered Species Thrive (In Cyberspace)!
    Education World explores some of the most valuable "endangered species" sites for teachers and sites for students.

    It's a Zoo Out There!
    Time to take a tour of some of the best zoo Web sites around?

    Iguanas and Komodos and Skinks -- Oh, My!
    Great resources for any reptile fan.

    Have You Heard? Noise Can Affect Learning!
    "Noise education" should be part of the school curriculum; kids should know how to protect their ears from harm.

    Access Excellence
    This is a great resource for high school biology and other science teachers. The site includes links to other science discipline and mathematics resources. EW review

    The Jason Project
    The site was setup as an educational program to allow teachers and students to take part in global explorations. EW review

    Science Learning Network
    Composed of a group of educators, students, schools, science museums and other institutions whose goal is to examine new approaches to inquiry science education. EW review

    MathMol K-12 Activity Page
    MathMol is a fascinating starting point for K-12 students and teachers interested in the field of molecular modeling and its application to mathematics. EW review

    Cook and Eat Chemistry
    A curriculum guide for a lesson plan that teaches nutrition and chemistry. EW review

    Dinosauria On-Line
    A sophisticated and information-rich site on dinosaurs for Junior and High School students. EW review


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