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June, 1998

Cook and Eat Chemistry

A curriculum guide for a lesson plan that teaches nutrition and chemistry.

Mainly a text site. Some sections use tables, other sections have charts. Much of the material is presented for print out.

This is a single-page Web site. Users can scroll down the page or use the jump links at the top of the page to reach specific sections. Navigation menus are at the bottom of each section.

This Web site offers a Food Science course that combines food AND science into its lessons. The project comes from the Utah State Board of Education. The guide is intended to be used as a one-year course in food science and food preparation, at the eleventh or twelfth grade levels. Teachers can use this curriculum guide to teach students about the chemical composition of proteins, fats and oils, carbohydrates, and water. They will also learn the role these chemicals play in food preparation. The site includes one unit on each nutrient. Educators will find lesson plans for some of the units, a nutrient review, and tips on classroom and lab management, in addition to the curriculum guide. Teachers should read through the site to make sure the material here will suit their needs before including the information in a lesson plan.