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Okay, you've enrolled, studied, practiced and graduated, now you need a job. Let Education World help you!






Education World's Education Employment Center
Visit this section to find job opportunities or submit your resume. Also join the Education World Jobs Mailing List to have the latest job listings emailed to you weekly.


Portfolios Help Teachers Reflect on What Makes Good Teaching
Connecticut's demanding two-year support and assessment program for new teachers, Beginning Educator Support and Training (BEST), is gaining national attention. The program includes mentoring, seminars, a personal portfolio, and an analysis of the teacher's performance. Included: Education World talks with two beginning teachers who completed the portfolio process and two veteran teachers who score new teachers' portfolios. All share why they like the program.

International Teaching: What Is It *Really* Like?
Have you ever wondered what teaching in London or Paris is like? Would you like to be more than a tourist there? Are you curious about Norway, Turkey, or the Philippines? Would you consider teaching in Kuwait, Indonesia, Zambia, Bangladesh, or Abu Dhabi? Today, Education World writer Glori Chaika interviews four teachers who did more than consider!

Want to See the World? Teach Overseas!
Want to get away from the daily grind? Can you imagine living in an exotic place youve read about in books? For recent graduates -- and seasoned educators -- teaching abroad can be the adventure of a lifetime. A myriad of jobs -- in a myriad of places -- are as close as a mouse click away. Included: Web resources to help *you* locate that perfect overseas job!

National Board Certification: Tips from Teachers Who Have Done It!
Last year, more than 7,700 people applied for National Board of Professional Teaching Standards certification. The number of teachers who applied increased from the year before by 800 percent in Mississippi and 1000 percent in Florida! The requirements for national board certification are not for the meek, however. This week, Education World writer Glori Chaika talks with teachers who have been there, done that. Included: Thirteen tips to help teachers who are considering national board certification from the teachers who have been through it!

Testing Teachers Makes Teachers Testy!
All but a few states require prospective teachers to take licensing exams. Those exams --as well as the sometimes-dismal scores -- are stirring up trouble in some states, though. Do the tests help raise the quality of classroom teachers, or is there little correlation between test results and teacher competence? This week, Education World writer Glori Chaika explores the politically polarized issue of teacher testing.

Online Site Aimed At Reducing Teacher Shortfall
President Bill Clinton announces a new online resource to help schools find qualified teachers and to help teachers find jobs.

NEA Offers Tips to Recruit Minority Teachers
The NEA recently released an updated publication to help school districts attract more minority teachers. Their report spells out some of the problems schools face and offers some suggestions to overcome those obstacles.

An e-Interview with Betty Castor, President of the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards
How are states and school systems supporting teachers who seek certification? How long does certification last and how will teachers be re-certified once their initial certification expires? Are many teachers "promoted "out of the classroom once they become certified? Those are some of the questions Education World asked. Some of the answers may surprise you!

National Board Certification: Is It for You?
Education World explores the reality behind the rhetoric as we ask educators around the nation to describe their experiences with the national board certification process.

The Teacher Shortage: Apply, Please!
In some areas, competition over certified teachers has become so fierce that districts are promising signing bonuses, paid health insurance, subsidized housing, and more. Just what does it take to woo ---or lose--- a teacher? This week, Education World explores what some school districts are doing to attract and retain teachers.

Scrambling for Staff: The Teacher Shortage in Rural Schools
What are schools doing to solve the shortage? At a time when school districts nationwide are experiencing teacher shortages, districts that historically have difficulty attracting and retaining quality teachers are really scrambling for staff. This week Education World explores the effects of the teacher shortage on remote and rural schools. Included: What are schools doing to solve the shortage?

Creating a Successful Staff Development Program
What are the keys to a successful staff development program? This brief look at two award-winning programs ---at Hungerford School in Staten Island, New York, and at Montview Elementary School in Aurora, Colorado--- might provide some insight. Included: Information about the National Awards Program for Model Professional Development.

Teachers Tackle Testing: The Scoop on Teacher Assessment
A Harvard graduate, a Boston University graduate, and an MIT Ph.D. failed the Massachusetts new-teacher assessment test. How do you think you would do on it?

From the Principal Files: Teachers Who Make Principals Say WOW!
Great teachers -- teachers who make principals stand up and say "Wow!" -- serve as daily reminders of why principals do what they do. Education World's "Principal Files" principals take time out to say "Wow!"

The Focus on Teacher Standards: Helping Teachers Achieve
This is the second story in a series examining the national effort to raise teacher standards. Included are reports on a special mentoring program for first- and second-year teachers in Connecticut; Virginia's technology standards for educators; the NBPTS national teacher certification program; and Linda Darling-Hammond's "twelve-part plan for powerful teaching."

The Focus on Teacher Standards: States Raise the Bar on Teacher Standards
In state after state, education officials and state legislators are making moves to ensure that every teacher hired meets high quality standards.

1998 -- Is This the Year of the Teacher Shortage?
It's a different world out there when some teacher candidates are offered hiring bonuses, relocation cost reimbursements, loan forgiveness or reduction! Or when one state is raiding teachers from another state! Others wonder, Does the United States really have a teacher shortage?

What Qualities Do Principals Look for in a New Teacher?
What will school principals be looking for in the new teachers they hire in the weeks ahead? That's what Education World asked a group of school principals. The principals' responses might help others -- principals and candidates for teaching jobs -- as they focus their thoughts on the interviews ahead.

Trading Places: Hiring Teachers Based on Race
In Georgia, opinions are split about a case in which black teachers were transferred so white teachers could be hired to teach in a predominantly black school.


America's Job Bank
America's Job Bank is a guide that can help young people make informed career choices. The site has several sections including Career InfoNet -- statistics about various careers; The Learning Exchange information about learning opportunities; Employers - a resume service; and Job Seekers - information about job openings available in the U.S.

Department for Education and Employment
This is the Web site for the Department for Education and Employment in the United Kingdom.

Teach for America
Teach For America is "the national teacher corps of outstanding recent college graduates of all academic majors and cultural backgrounds who commit two years to teach in under-resourced urban and rural public schools."


Creating the Ultimate Teaching/Interview Portfolio
Whether you are a 20-year veteran or just starting out, a portfolio should be a key component of your teaching tools. TeacherNet offers this 4-part article.

Careers in Education and Going About Finding a Teaching Job
A useful site for individuals looking for teaching jobs in Canada.

Academic Employment Network
Academic Employment Network (AEN) lists available positions in colleges, primary and secondary educational institutions for faculty, staff, and administrative professionals.

Teachers @ Work
A national teachers employment network.


Updated: 02/11/2015