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May, 1999

America's Job Bank

America's Job Bank is a guide that can help young people make informed career choices. The site has several sections including Career InfoNet -- statistics about various careers; The Learning Exchange - information about learning opportunities; Employers - a resume service; and Job Seekers - information about job openings available in the U.S.

Nice layout, few graphics.

The different sections of the site offer links to sister sites, but have their own navigational systems. Navigational links are offered in the top left corner and/or at the bottom of the pages.

Here is a great site to let young people explore as they search their souls for those important career and college choices. A good place to start is at the Career InfoNet. This site provides a clear picture of how much training is required for different jobs, where in the country the work is available, and how much it is likely to pay. Here, young people can get an idea of what kind of career fields they might be interested in. Next go to the Learning Exchange to explore the various training possibilities available for the chosen fields. This site provides information about regular and distance education opportunities. The database can be searched by course, workshop, or complete (including College) programs. Finally young people can research job listings in thr Job Seekers section or take a look at resume construction in the Employers section. This site is put together by the U.S. Dept. of Labor in partnership with local State Employment Services and provides an excellent resource for guidance counselors and young people interested in researching future careers.