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Issues and resources for administrators and the educators they work with.

Reports of new and interesting curriculum projects across the grades.

Education Site Reviews
Concise and informative reviews of some of the best educational sites on the internet. Join our Distribution List to receive these Monthly Site Reviews in your email address.

Financial Planning
Tips, facts, and tools specifically for educators and their unique financial needs.

Lesson Planning
Timely lesson plans and activities to engage students in active learning.

School Issues
News of the pressing issues facing today's schools and how educators and administrators are responding.

Technology In The Classroom
Help for schools implementing technology and ways to promote its responsible use.


Education Topics
A topical guide to Education World's Search Engine. More than 500,000 education-related URLs organized into easy-to-browse categories.

Advanced Search
A search page dedicated to narrowing your search by grade level, searching for partial or full words, and/or searching various areas of Education World's database, such as digital images, reviewed sites, schools, and colleges.

Education Employment Listings
Listings of available jobs in education throughout the country and the world.


Awards and Accolades
The Awards that Education World has won.

Message Boards
A place to encourage the discussion of school administration, education, technology, and the Web, to generate shared ideas and collaborations for educators across the world.

World Resource Center
A country-by-country and state-by-state guide to Education Resources around the world. Find Education Organizations, Education Resources, Teachers Resources and Job Listings, Libraries, Museums & Galleries, Maps & Flags, History Resources, Geography Resources, Social Studies Resources, Government Resources, and much more!

World School Directory
A country-by-country and state-by-state guide to K12 Schools, Universities, and Education Resources around the world. Find Charter, Montessori, Parochial, Private, and Public Schools & School Districts; Gifted and Talented & Special Needs School Districts, Universities & University Departments, Education Organizations, K12 School Libraries, School Newspapers, K12 School Publications, Alumni Publications, Regional Education esources, Vocational - Technical Schools, Gifted and Talented Schools, International Schools, Magnet Schools, Online Schools, Special Needs Schools...


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Education World FAQs -- The most frequently asked questions submitted to us regarding education research and usage of Education World, with extensive links, recommendations and resources.

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About Education World -- Describes what Education World is, where it came from, and what the goals of this site are.

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