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Dr. Tisha Shipley has been in education for over 23 years. She has taught Pre-K, Kindergarten, Gifted and Talented 3rd-6th Grades, Dr. Shipley was an elementary principal, a cheer coach, and was on...
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Summer Is Here: Professional Development Ideas For Teachers and Families and Ideas for the New Year

Hello and Happy first few weeks of summer.  School is out and I know you are excited to just hang out with your family, and do what you want to do for a little bit!  This is something you need to do to recharge your batteries because as we know school will start back up soon!  We also know that teachers normally still work in the summer.  We do something that make us feel productive right?  It can be anything: reading, writing, researching, staying in touch with families, buying supplies for the new year, planning curriculum, changing up the classroom setting, engaging with colleagues etc.  Whatever it is that makes you happy---I say do it! Get recharged and ready to go!

I have a few things to share with you that you can do this summer if you want to stay engaged, or if you want to try something new to add to your list of professional things you are doing in your field and classroom!

Professional Development:

  • My colleague and I host an Early Childhood Chatter Podcast.  We release a new show every other Wednesday.   You can find this wherever you get your podcasts. Never miss an episode by subscribing.  Each of these podcasts give you the opportunity to hear from someone working with children, families, communities and advocating for young children and learning.
  • Every year we also hold a FREE Virtual Early Childhood Conference!  This year’s conference is Aug 10, 11, 12, 2021. This year there will be three amazing key notes and three full days of learning from colleagues that have something special they want to share with you about working with children and families.  You can earn badges and participation certificates each day.  Make sure to pre-register so you can get it on your calendar!
  • During the year we provide professional development each month with our Early Childhood Seminar.  It is 3rd Wednesday of each month at 9:00 a.m PST.  It is a spin off of the ECE conference and allows you to attend a PD each month to gain new ideas, discuss with other professionals and learn hot topics that are happening in the world of education.
  • You can find all of the sessions that we have hosted in the past on our ECE YouTube Channel.

Things you can try for the new school year:

These are only a few things to get you started!  I know you are creative! Many of you are probably already doing a number of these things.  But I always try to stop and think about what I can do better, and what I need to do next to change up something I have been doing in the past.  Good luck and have fun with it!