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Picture Books Help Kids Handle Anger and Bullying

Education World reviews Bullies and Gangs, The Ant Bully, and When Sophie Gets Angry -- Really, Really Angry... These three new picture books support classroom discussions of anger, bullying, violence, and tolerance.

Lice Have Never Been Such Fun!

"Respect a louse's favorite rule: To get a-head, invade a school!" Told from the point of view of the louse, a clever new book from Scholastic offers facts about lice in humorous rhyme. The book's message is clear: Cooperation is the key to ridding a school population of these all-too-common pests. This book belongs in every school nurse's and media specialist's collection -- just in case the inevitable occurs!

Jackie and Me Teaches Tolerance

Avon books and author Dan Gutman have hit a home run with a new book, Jackie and Me! Start with the story of Jackie Robinson and his important contributions to baseball and American history, then add to that engaging plot lines, colorful characters, and considerable surprises -- and you have a winning book, a perfect classroom read-aloud!

O'Sullivan Stew -- A Delicious Concoction!

Young readers will love strong, confident, smart Kate O'Sullivan. When the chips are down, Kate saves the lives of her family members by stirring up a handful of outrageous tales, each one more far-fetched than the last. O'Sullivan Stew -- the latest book from award-winning author and artist Hudson Talbot -- offers surprise after surprise! Included: Cross-curriculum activity ideas for extending this superb read-aloud!

A Child's Grief Journey

When a child loses someone close to them, how can adults help? Author Amy Jay Barry sought answers to that question when she and her young boys faced the death of her husband, their father. Now Barry shares what she learned from that experience, and from years as a bereavement counselor, in a sensitive and educational story, A Child's Grief Journey. Included: An Education World interview with the author.

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