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Lesson Planning

Do your students grumble when you mention book reports? Are you looking for ideas to build spelling and vocabulary skills? Do you need a cool - and inexpensive - art project for tomorrow? How can famous quotations bring classroom discussions and journal writing to life? You'll find answers to those questions and more in this year's best LESSON PLANNING stories from Education World.


Great teachers shared tons of outstanding ideas in some of this year's best Education World CURRICULUM stories. Learn about an Oklahoma school's Literature Day (and night!); read an inspiring interview with National Teacher of the Year Andy Baumgartner; and find out what teachers have to say about middle school advisories, organizing on-line projects, and purchasing a first computer!

Books In Education

Friendship and conflict resolution. The life cycle and death. You'll find reviews of new books on those themes and more among this year's best BOOKS IN EDUCATION stories from Education World. And don't miss our review of a funny and educational new book about a word every teacher dreads hearing - lice! Every school library and every school nurse should have that book!


What traits do the best school principals share? How can school administrators make the school day less stressful for teachers? What are some successful alternatives to door-to-door fund raising? Are small schools better than large schools? Those questions were tackled in some of this year's best ADMINISTRATORS stories from the pages of Education World. Don't miss those stories - and more!