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MiddleWeb was created to provide resources for educators and parents interested in middle-grades reform.

The site offers a variety of graphics and fonts. The overall layout of the site is easy to read.

The site plans to add a search engine. Currently the sections of the site are well-marked. Users can view the online help guide for tips to navigating the site.

This year was a hot year for middle school. As education reform took center stage in America, middle school reform was in the spotlight. Issues of gender, age, class size, and content are under scrutiny. As the interest in middle school increases, the site is growing and adding to its resources as well. Middleweb has even added an entire section on education reform. Viewers will find the latest news and topic discussions, with archives to past news pages. Educators can find information on curriculum and instruction. Original content at the site includes an interesting section called "Middleweb Diaries," which presents weekly diaries from two middle-grade teachers' attempts to help more kids succeed. Users will find links to other resources, divided by topic; and they can now search the site with the search engine. Anyone with an interest in middle schools has to keep an eye on this site for great things to come!