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The Chalkboard
GRADE LEVEL: 11-12, Parents & Professionals

The Chalkboard has information on corporate education programs, curriculum materials, grants, and scholarships. The site is free to viewers.

The layout is very simple. A search engine in the middle of each page allows users to locate the information. Results are displayed in a table with a description on the left side and a hyperlink to additional information on the right.

Each page uses the same search engine criteria and format. Users can access the home page, a help page, or the feedback page via the same menu at the bottom of each page.

The purpose of The Chalkboard is to inform users about education materials and services provided by corporations. Users will find curriculum materials, lesson plans, equipment, and programs available in the United States and Canada. Additionally, the site has information on mentors, speakers, and workshops. Viewers can locate grants for educators and students, as well as tuition scholarships. Students or teachers looking for summer employment, co-op positions, or full-time jobs can find them here. Each section uses the same search engine format. Information can be viewed by subject, grade, and/or location. This is a great resource for teachers, students, and parents to use to make the most of corporate contributions to education.