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Tales of Wonder

Users will find folk tales and fairy tales from around the world as well as links to other collections of international stories.

The color scheme employs earth tones such as sable brown and evergreen that enhance the folk theme of the site.

The stories are presented on the main page by country of origin. Each subsequent page lists the tales and each tale has its own Web page. The country pages don't have links back to the home page but the back button on the user's browser will return them there.

This Web site houses a collection of folk and fairy tales from many cultures around the world. These stories provide insight about the traditions and feelings of many cultures, and into the similarities and differences among people around the world. Many of these stories have similar elements and themes such as bravery, relationships and explanations of the unknown. The diversity of cultures is what makes this site a great find. Tales come from all parts of the globe -- Africa, Asia, Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East. Users are invited to submit stories, so anyone noticing an under-representation of a particular country should send in a story. Teachers could use this as a primer for a lesson on creative writing, cultural traditions or even a history or a science lesson concerning cultural theories of scientific concepts.