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Sea and Sky

A plethora of information on marine life AND the Solar System.

The site generally uses clear photo images of marine life or the Solar System for its menus. The sea section uses a blue, water-like background and the space area has a black background with a star field.

The home page has both sections listed. Within each area the site uses graphic menus and a button menu linking to other areas of the section, the other main section, or back to the home page.

This site is really two sites in one and each one is quite extensive! The common areas of the sites are image galleries, games, links to outside resources and sites, details on particulars of the subject (info on marine life and the solar system), and personal experiences (with an ocean aquarium and a telescope). The sky area has a Challenger memorial and a discussion about whether or not Earthlings are alone in the universe. This is a true find for science teachers since it covers two science subjects in detail and could be used in a variety of lessons. It would also be interesting for students doing reports or projects.