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S I T E     R E V I E W

National Center For Research in Vocational Education
GRADE LEVEL: Professionals

NCRVE is the largest center for research and development in work-related education in America.

This is a text-based site with no extraneous background, border or organizational graphics.

All the sections available on the site are listed on the home page. The information is separated into categories.

The National Center for Research in Vocational Education is supported by the Office of Vocational and Adult Education of the U.S. Department of Education. NCRVE is involved in developing new ideas in vocational education while strengthening career-related course offerings. The Center also emphasizes integrating curricula with an emphasis on learning through applied problem solving and preparing students for "immediate employment, further education, and lifelong learning." The Web site provides information on current trends and issues in vocational education as well as access to publications, reports and projected of the organization. The site includes a search engine and calendar of events pertinent to vocational education. This site is a starting point for educators involved in vocational education and/or school-to-work programs. It is also a great place for anyone not familiar with the concept to gain additional knowledge.