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S I T E     R E V I E W
January, 1999

Museum of Web Art

The Museum of Web Art (MOWA) is an archive of some of the best and most creative graphics used on the Web. There is also a growing kids' area that includes some interactive art pages.

The graphics are top-notch. The site is set up like a museum, with the exhibits in various "wings." Check out the Visitor's Center for advice about optimum viewing.

Go to the main entrance and click on Now @ MOWA for a list of exhibits currently showing at MOWA. Each exhibit will have an Exhibit Guide, which lists all the works in that section. The individual exhibits also have a frame that allows the user to go back, go to the next page, or to exit the exhibit "hall." At the bottom of each exhibit entrance page is also a navigational bar.

: MOWA showcases the work of graphic artists who have taken some simple aspects of Web page design into new realms. The site will inspire students involved in Web page graphic design and programming. The different wings cover Things That Move (banner ads), Things That Work (buttons and interactive installations), Things That Change (clocks and counters), and Things That Are Constant (wallpaper). There are also special exhibits such as Gateways (homepages). The Children's Exhibit is still under construction, but has a couple of fun interactive art games. This is a new site that is off to a great beginning!