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 Site Review: Yahoo.com


Site URL:  Yahoo.com      

This is one in a series of site reviews that take a look at how major news Web sites can be used in the classroom. See also reviews of HuffingtonPost.comGoogleNews.com, CNN.com, AOL.com, MSN.com, MSNBC.com and FoxNews.com.

Content:  Yahoo! produces some original content and has tons of content partnerships. This results in a very complete news report from a variety of credible sources.

Design:  Yahoo! has a very easy-to-use design built around a main feature box scroller. The scroller mixes hard news with features. If there's a major breaking news story it will take precedence, but if not, you're just as likely to see the scroller dominated by entertainment, sports and lifestyle content. Just below the scroller (and still above the fold) are tabs for the major news areas including world news and business news. 

Review:  The only problem Yahoo! has as a news site is that it's not only a news site. The middle of the site and its main focus does seem to be delivering news, entertainment and sports. The rest of the page, however, includes a huge left-hand navigation dedicated to everything from games and horoscopes to real estate listings. The right side of the page focuses on search and what words are “trending” on the search engine. That said, the news features of the site are easy to locate and very comprehensive.  

Bottom Line:  One of the better sites for classroom use, Yahoo! puts a comprehensive news report where stories are easy to find. Aside from the scroller, there's a pretty big distinction between news and non-news sections, so this is an easy site for students to use for research.

Article By Daniel B. Kline, EducationWorld Contributing Editor
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