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Content:  Any review of a FOX product has to acknowledge that the FOX News brand skews heavily to the right. That is less evident on its Web site than on the television network, as the Web site offers a pretty straightforward news report. You can definitely see the right-leaning influences, but the site offers a clear and complete news report.

Design: has a very simple, successful design built around a lead story along with a number of pieces that go along with that story. Below the main story box are three smaller text links with a picture followed by three columns of text link. The navigation sits at the top of the page and it's completely intuitive and easy to use.

Review: It's hard to find anything not to like about this Web site, as long as you remember that many subtle choices are being made to support FOX's right-wing leanings. You won't see a lot of (or any) positive stories about Democrats, and left-leaning issues are downplayed in a slight way.

Bottom Line: Most students would not notice any sort of bias when using this site. The political positioning is subtle, and the main focus appears to be on delivering the news. makes a good choice for students in the classroom, but teachers and administrators should be aware that the brand can be polarizing with people either identifying with it or despising it. That means if you assign students to use, be prepared for a parental backlash or (depending on the politics of your community) parental praise.

Article by Daniel B. Kline, Education World Contributing Editor
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