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Vocational Education

  • Franchise Opportunity
    Submitted by Amy Derr, East Lyme (Connecticut) High School
    Students use a questionnaire to guide them as they explore and evaluate a business franchise opportunity. (Grades 9-12)

  • Birds, Fractions and Percentages
    Submitted by Regina Marsters
    Students learn fractions and percentages in real-life applications. (Grades 6-8, 9-12)

  • Drafting a Recording Contract
    Submitted by Barry R. Hill
    Students learn about recording artist contracts and write their own contract in negotiation with another group. (Grades 9-12)

  • Computers at Work
    Submitted by Esther Jimenez
    Students decide on a business they might open, write a job description for the employee who will be responsible for technology tasks for that business, and write an ad to fill the position. (Grades 9-12)