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Computers at Work


Subject: Educational Technology, Business, Computers
Grade: 9-12

Brief Description

Students decide on a business they might open, write a job description for the employee who will be responsible for technology tasks for that business, and write an ad to fill the position.


Students will understand the importance of technology in business and learn about the training and education required for technology positions.


computer, careers, technology, business

Materials Needed


Computer with Internet access, Web sites such as Writing Job Descriptions for Small Businesses and Mankato Job Descriptions for Computer Personnel.

Lesson Plan

Provide students with the following directions:

  • Computers have quickly become an integral part of almost every work environment. With this in mind, think of a business you would like to open and consider the ways in which that business might use computers.
  • Write a job description for the employee who would be responsible for those tasks. In your description, clearly explain how the computer will be used and stipulate the training and/or education that employee will need to have. A simple example is the use of e-mail to communicate with venders, manufacturers, and other employees, but in your business, computer use is not limited to real possibilities. You are free to invent computer-based tasks that do not yet exist. When you have completed the job description, write a help wanted ad for the employee you'll need.


Students will be evaluated based on the completeness and accuracy of the job description and ad.

Lesson Plan Source

Submitted by: Esther Jimenez, ([email protected]) Osceola High School, Kissimmee, Florida