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L E S S O N     P L A N     S U B M I S S I O N
Subject: Nutrition, Visual Art
Grade: 3-5

Brief Description

Students find words they don't know in the newspaper and learn more about them.


To expand student vocabulary and encourage reading the newspaper.


Spelling & dictionary skills

Materials Needed

  • 3" X 5" index cards
  • newspapers
  • dictionary

    Lesson Plan

    Activity Time: generally one week for average students

    Students will become acquainted with 26 new words through this group of assignments. DAYS 1 & 2: Students are all given 27 3" X 5" index cards. They write one letter of the alphabet on the blank side of each card. On the 27th one they write their name and "Newsinary". Then give each child a newspaper. Each student finds, cuts out, and glues to the correct index card a word new to him/her from the newspaper. It cannot be a person's name or place unless you are sure it can be found in either the dictionary or encyclopedia.

    Students continue looking for new words. Letters j,k,q,u,v,w,x,z are hard to find. They may pick a word from the dictionary to use if they cannot find one in the paper. Once they have all 26 check to make sure they didn't cut out words you know they already know. Once this is completed they are to find the definition of each word and write it on the card. It doesn't matter which definition if there are multiple definitions.

    DAYS 3 & 4: Generally it takes two days to find all definitions. Once this part is completed check their cards again for accuracy. If they cannot tell you what the word means, even with the definition, they must go back and make it so they understand the meaning.

    Day 5: Students write a sentence using the word so you know they know it. Spot check the dictionary to see if example sentences were used if necessary.

    Once the cards are turned in accurately I bind them into a little book they get to keep. We have a Newspaper in Education Week display in the mall and I usually take some of these to show. People think this is a great idea for helping kids learn new words and this way they have to read the paper!


    Lesson Plan Source

  • Submitted by Susan Smith [email protected], [email protected]
    Pat Henry Elem., Lawton, OK, (US)


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