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L E S S O N     P L A N     S U B M I S S I O N
Writing Is Rough
Subject: Language Arts
Grade: 3-5

Brief Description

This is a lesson plan to teach writing skills to students who need an alternative writing plan because the same old style of teaching writing is not working for them as documented by nation wide test scores.


Students will be able to identify the main idea of a story, elaborate on their in their own writing and do closure that does not ramble on. Focus will be built in.


  • problem
  • cause and effect
  • elaboration
  • character identification
  • conflict resolution

    Materials Needed

  • paper
  • pencil
  • ball point pen
  • writing journal
  • dictionary

    Lesson Plan

    Get started by asking readers to identify the problem in the story if they are reading, or ask them to think up a problem if they are writing a story. Who knows what a "Problem" is? Can some one give me an example of a problem. What caused the problem in the first place? Who can give some other examples of a similar problem? After a short discussion of one problem, accepted as universal by the group, have different students identify causative factors. How did the problem get started in the first place. Give three examples of what could have possibly caused the problem. Have the group write down three causes of the problem. Have them discuss then write three effects the problem had on the characters in their story. After that, ask them how they think the problem could be solved? Have them write three ways of solving the problem. Then tell them to revisit the first paragraph of their writing or the story. The first paragraph always contains the summary. See how many! ! ! of the students can find the summary in the first paragraph. Have them rephrase the summary to suit their own language but emphasizing standard english. The effect will be a good, solid piece of writing. The students who have the worst time writing, will not have as hard a time understanding the dynamics of writing practice.


    Once the entire piece has been done, reworked and final copy done in ball point, the story or writing is ready for publication. Have the students do this orally or have them make a portfolio for their best writing. They can share their material during reading, writing, or any time the teacher and students agree upon.

    Lesson Plan Source

    Thelma White-Horton/Teacher of Alternative Education/Peskoe Elementary/:Leisure City Florida 33130

    Submitted by Thelma White-Horton, [email protected] Peskoe Elementary, Leisure City, Florida, USA


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