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L E S S O N     P L A N     S U B M I S S I O N
Garbage Plants
Subject: Life Science
Grade: K-2, 3-5

Brief Description:

How to use items that would normally be thrown out to enhance the ecology of the planet.


To show how garbage can be recycled to provide another life form.


This lesson shows how recycling of trash can be done in such a way as to provide life to another product.

Materials Needed

The materials needed are an assortment of seeds from oranges, grapefruits, apples and pears, soil and a container to plant the seeds in. This can be done as an individual student project(using Styrofoam cups or bottoms of soda bottles as planters) or as a class project (using a large flower pot).

Lesson Plan

Decide whether this will be an individual project or a class project. For an individual project, each student will need 3-5 assorted seeds. For a class project, a total of 15-20 seeds are needed. Collect seeds and soak them overnight. When ready, divide seeds for individual project or collect for class project. Plant seeds about 1/4" down in soil. DO NOT PLANT TOO DEEP. Water lightly and put plants in sunlight. Watch for sprouts. Water as needed. Do not over water as seeds will become moldy and will not sprout.


Students chart the progress of the plants. They can use pictographs or photographs if possible. The students write a lab report on the actual experiment and growth of the plants. They can write a description of the plants as they grow, talking about color, size, shape of leaves, etc. Then, after the plants begin to grow, we talk about how other things can be recycled into something else to help us. This lesson can lead to many others.

Lesson Plan Source

Submitted by Mimi Weitz, [email protected]
JHS 157Q, Rego Park. , New York, USA


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