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Spelling Review Game


Teacher Lesson


  • Language Arts


  • K-8

Brief Description

A fast and fun spelling review that students love!


Students will

  • Students will play a fast-paced game to review spelling words.


Spelling, game, bingo

Materials Needed

  • 3 x 5 inch index cards (13)
  • spelling list
  • scratch paper
Other appropriate books with bullying themes might be substituted for the above titles.

Lesson Plan

This quick spelling practice game can fill a 2-minute transition time or serve as a 20-minute review lesson. It can be used in a class in which all students are working from the same spelling list or in a class in which students are using individualized spelling lists.

Before the lesson, cut thirteen 3- x 5-inch index cards in half. Write on each card a different letter of the alphabet.

This game can be used to reinforce students' weekly spelling words. Have students choose one of their current or past spelling words and write the word on a small sheet of scrap paper. Then, one at a time, select alphabet letter cards and call out the letters. As you call letters, students cross out those letters in the word they have written. (If you call out L and the word has two Ls, the student should cross out both Ls.) The first student to cross out all the letters in his or her selected word calls out Got it! or BINGO! or another agreed-upon expression. That student then must spell the word out loud to ensure that all the letters in it have been called and to claim a small prize.

Have each student choose a new word from the spelling list and then continue the game. The winner of the first round can play the role of letter selector and caller in the next round.

After a few rounds of the game, students quickly come to the conclusion that it's not always the shortest word that gets spelled first. You might even encourage students to select words they are having the most difficulty with, because the game provides an opportunity for them to focus on the spelling of those words.


The true assessment for this activity will be on spelling test day; then you will see that this fun game, in which students are keenly focused on the words they are spelling, can actually help students learn to spell those words.

Submitted By

Andrea Hazen, Riverside Beaver County Schools in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania

Originally published 05/01/2003
Last updated 01/05/2009

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