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Acrostic Book Report

Teacher Lesson




K- 2, 3 - 5, 6 - 8

Brief Description

Students write an acrostic poem to show sequence and understanding of a story. (Younger students might do this as a group activity; elementary students might do it as a group, then use the method for doing a book report on their own; older students might be on their own from the start.)


Students will retell a story by writing an acrostic poem.


retell, book, book report, acrostic, poem, poem, collaborative, writing

Materials Needed

  • any selection of good literature
  • chalkboard or large chart paper
  • art materials for illustrations

    Lesson Plan

    This activity, which students can do on their own after it is modeled for them, might make a nice alternative book report idea.

    Read aloud a selected story. (For the purpose of example, this lesson uses the book Wild Horse Winter by Tetsuya Honda. Students like this appealing and beautifully illustrated story about wild horses surviving harsh winter conditions.) Stop to discuss vocabulary as needed. In addition, identify important story elements such a setting, characters, problem, and solution.

    Gather students around chart paper or write on a chalkboard. On the board or chart, write the letters of the books title in a column going down the page. Invite students to suggest objects, events, or ideas from the story that begin with each letter of the book title. Next to each letter, write the possibilities that are discussed. (From time to time, reread together what has been written; in this way you will model an important writing strategy.) When the list is complete, decide which of the words or terms are best to use in the final version of the poem. Write the poem.

    Wild Horse Winter

    Island in Japan
    Leaves are gone
    Drifting snow

    Hungry horses
    Only hope is to get food
    Raging blizzard
    Steam from the horses
    Easier to keep warm under the snow

    When morning comes
    Icicles on trees
    No food
    They travel
    Excited to find the sea
    Racing along the beach with full tummies!

    Have students create illustrations to be included with poem. You might publish a Web page with the poem and selected student art on it. See the sample Web page for Wild Horse Winter.


    Students will select appropriate events and information. If you are using this activity to teach sequence, the events should appear in chronological order.

    Submitted By

    Marci McGowan, H. W. Mountz Elementary School in Spring Lake, New Jersey

    Originally published 10/31/2002
    Last updated 03/28/2008

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