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Math Facts Game

Teacher Lesson


Applied Math


K_2, 3_5

Brief Description

This lesson uses math flash cards to play a game that provides math facts practice.


Students will practice basic math facts.


multiplication, facts, addition, subtraction, division, game, math

Materials Needed

math flash cards

Lesson Plan

Inform students that you plan to teach them a fun new game that will help them practice their basic math facts. The lesson detail that follows uses multiplication fact flash cards, but the game can be adapted to practice addition, subtraction, or division facts too.

Arrange students desks in a circle. Select one student to start the game. That student should stand beside the desk of another student. Then the teacher shows a multiplication flash card and calls out the multiplication fact on the card. The student who is first to call out the correct answer holds onto the card and moves so s/he is standing next to the next person in the circle; the person who did not respond sits down at his/her desk. The teacher flashes the next card and calls out the fact. The student who gets the correct answer gets the card and moves on to the next person in the circle. This fast-paced game continues until all the cards have been handed out or times run out. The person with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

Once students know the game, they can actually run it on their own. Teachers might group students according to the multiplication tables with which they need help and have multiple games going on at one time.


This activity lets teachers see which students need more help learning the multiplication tables.

Submitted By

Charity Cleveland, Oneonta, Alabama

Originally published 09/19/2002
Last updated 02/23/2009

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