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Sharing Under the Sea

Teacher Lesson


Before preparing or distributing any food in the classroom, make sure you are aware of children's allergies or dietary restrictions, and caution children about choking hazards.


  • Language Arts
  • Literature



Brief Description

Children need to learn to share and express their feelings appropriately. This lesson fosters communication, builds social skills, and stresses the use of polite manners.



  • sit attentively and focused during the reading of The Rainbow Fish.
  • discuss why sharing is good and how sharing makes us feel.
  • demonstrate understanding of sharing by decorating cookies and sharing them with others.
  • say please and thank you as they share icing with other students.


share, sharing, language, The Rainbow Fish, manners

Materials Needed

  • The Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister
  • fish-shaped cookies
  • tubes of icing (Be sure you do not have enough tubes of icing for every student to have one; this is an important element in this activity's sharing lesson.)

Lesson Plan

Before conducting lesson, bake sugar cookies in the shape of fish.

Gather students for a lesson. Start by reading aloud The Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister. When you finish the book, discuss what happened in the story. Ask such questions as

  • Why wouldn't the Rainbow Fish share?
  • How did the other fish feel when the Rainbow Fish wouldn't share?
  • What happened when the Rainbow Fish did share?

Next, ask the students whether they have ever known anyone who didn't share with them and how it made them feel.

Then discuss saying please and thank you when sharing.

Now it's time for the culminating activity: Pass out one (1) fish cookie to each student. Pass out tubes of icing. Tell the students they need to decorate their cookies. If they would like to use a color of icing someone else has, they need to say please and thank you.

When students finish decorating, have them give their cookies to someone else. Make sure everyone gets one!


Assess students informally. Pay attention to manners, participation, and discussion of the story.

Submitted By

Danielle Walchesky, Meridian Elementary School, Butler, Pennsylvania

Originally published 08/29/2002
Last updated 09/25/2009

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