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Call Me

Teacher Lesson


  • Mathematics
  • Arts & Humanities
    Language Arts


6-8, 9-12

Brief Description

What is the real story behind all those 10-10 numbers we see advertised on TV? In this WebQuest project, students write essays to persuade their families to use a particular long-distance phone plan. Students will compare a 10-10 plan to a regular long-distance plan. They will develop equations and graphs for both of the plans and use this information to support their essay.




algebra, linear, equation, system, graph, telephone, phone

Materials Needed

Lesson Plan

Students will find the rates of a 10-10 number and one regular long-distance carrier. They will develop and graph equations for the two plans. Students will compare this information to their family's long-distance phone bill to decide which plan would be best for their family. Students will write an essay persuading their family to use a particular long-distance plan. (See a complete WebQuest lesson at http://www.gowcsd.com/master/ghs/math/furman/linsystem/call_me.htm.)


Evaluate students' equations, graphs, solutions by substitution and addition, and essays.

Submitted By

Crystal Schweickert, Gowanda Central School District, Gowanda, N.Y.


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