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Brief Description

In this semi-glyph activity, students share their interests and characteristics by making patches about themselves. The patches are then pieced together to make a class quilt for a wall or bulletin board. The quilt serves as a jumping stone for many other activities.


Students share information about themselves, then compare and graph the results.

Key Concepts

glyphs, me quilt, graphing, personal information, likes, dislikes, ESL, EFL

Materials Needed

  • one copy of the "me" page for each student (included in lesson)
  • coloring instructions (included in lesson)
  • coloring pencils, scissors, glue
  • construction paper (pre-cut squares for mounting the "me" patches); Cut the paper to the size you wish for you patches, probably around 20 cm2 (about 8 inches around per square ).
  • yarn (optional)

Lesson Plan

Link to the lesson The "Me" Quilt


Give students an oral assessment or written assessment of graph or composition skills.

Lesson Plan Source

This is an activity I originally created for ESL students. It can be found on The "Me" Quilt website at

Permission is granted for teachers to use it in their classrooms.

Judith Rohlf, ([email protected])cole Fernand-Seguin, Ste-Foy, Qubec

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