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Winning Lesson Plan
Highway of Words

Subject: Language Arts
Grade: K-2, 3-5

Brief Description

Reading is similar to driving. Both require sign awareness. This lesson will enhance the students awareness of reading and allow them to hear the difference between a reader who follows signs and one who does not.


Students develop an awareness of reading. Students recognize the difference between a reader who follows signs by using punctuation marks correctly and one who does not use punctuation marks.


reading, sign, punctuation

Materials Needed

  • police uniform (check a local costume store)
  • whistle
  • tickets
  • teacher-selected award certificates
  • teacher-selected books

Lesson Plan

  • In this reading lesson, the teacher walks into the classroom dressed in a police uniform. She or he quizzes the students on the action people take at a stop sign and yield sign.
  • Then the teacher tells the students that there are also signs in writing that every reader should follow. These signs might be called the "Highway of Words" signs. For example, a comma is like a yield sign and a period is like a stop sign.
  • The teacher reads two paragraphs breaking all the rules. Next, the teacher reads the same text, following the signs. The teacher polls the students to find out which version made more sense.
  • The teacher asks two volunteers to sit in the "driver's seat" (chairs) at the front of the room. The students read two paragraphs while the "police officer" listens. The officer issues a citation if a student reads with punctuation errors, blows the whistle if a student "speeds" (reads too fast), and presents a safe driving award to a student who reads the paragraph correctly.
  • Organize students into groups of three or four. Students take turns reading and being the police officer. The police officer in the group has citations to give out for "traffic violations" (punctuation errors). The teacher walks around the classroom, making sure there is "law and order."

Optional activity: Later in the lesson, give students the opportunity to read a paragraph with the police officer.


Assess students according to the number of citations they have.

Lesson Plan Source

Submitted by: Cindy Folga, ([email protected] ) ESD, Erie, Pennsylvania



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