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Big Foot

Subject: Math, Measurement
Grade: K-2

Brief Description

In this lesson, students measure the length of their feet and shoes using nonstandard measurements.


Students measure the length of their feet and shoes using nonstandard measurements.


big, foot, measure, shoe

Materials Needed

  • child's shoe
  • various objects used to measure the length of the child's shoe (for example, linker cubes, paper clips, pattern blocks, cubes, teddy bear counters, dinosaur counters, beans, etc.
  • sheet of manila paper
  • crayons
  • pencils
Lesson Plan

  • Each student takes off a shoe and traces the shoe with a pencil. (Retrace with a crayon.) The students then remove the opposite shoe. Place the shoe underneath the paper and align it with the outline of the shoe on top. Rub it with a crayon and the pattern of the shoe will appear on the paper.
  • Have students use the objects to estimate the length their feet and record on paper. (Students can draw a picture of what they are measuring and/or rubber stamps can be provided.)
  • Students check their estimates and record their measurements on the papers. Teacher may help make comparisons between the estimates and the actual measurements made by the objects.


Have students guess and check the length of other objects found in the classroom. This is a prerequisite to measuring with a standard measuring tool.

Lesson Plan Source

Submitted by: Kathy Ridder, ([email protected] ) John D. Floyd Elementary School, Spring Hill, Florida



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